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Arizona Rural Health Association

Who We Are

Arizona Rural Health Association is a not-for-profit corporation. While we continue to serve as the University of Arizona Center for Rural Health (CRH) advisory body, we've expanded to cover many other areas involving advocacy for rural healthcare programs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Arizona Rural Health Association is to be a leader in partnerships, education and policy for improving the health status of rural communities in Arizona. 

View our 2020 Rural Health Association Annual Report!


Lend your voice to advocate on behalf of the health needs of rural Arizonians at the national, state, and local level. 

Board of Directors & Committees

Board of Directors: The first Board of Directors was elected at the 1995 Annual Rural Health Conference following membership on the Rural Health Office Advisory Committee. The Board has met regularly since AzRHA was established as an independent non-profit corporation and currently meets on the third Thursday of each month at eleven am. Our meetings are open to the public and all of our members. 

2021-2022 Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy, President

Jack Beveridge, Immediate Past-President

Holly Figueroa, President Elect, Co-Chair, Membership & Communication Committee

Alison Hughes, Member-at-Large 

Mariajose Almazan, Treasurer

Robert Guerrero, Chair, Program and Policy Committee

Vijette Saari, Co-Chair, Membership & Communication Committee

Kevin Driesen, Member-at-Large, Past President

Amanda Aguirre, Member-at-Large, Past President

Kristine Erps-Stewart, Member-at-Large

Carol Lewis, Member at Large

Amy Snell, Member-at-Large, Secretary

Will Humble, Member-at-Large

Daniel Derksen, Member-at-Large, UofA-Center for Rural Health Representative

Alden Joe, Member-at-Large

Vicki Helland, Member-at-Large

Standing Committees: 

All AzRHA members are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Membership & Communication Committee:

This group works to build our membership base, communicate with  current and prospective members, and maintain our Wild Apricot member management, Website, Facebook and G-mail communication systems. We meet at one pm on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Program & Policy Committee:

This committee meets at eleven am on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss current federal and state issues and formulate positions on policies that impact rural health in Arizona, as well as recommending new programs and initiatives with which AzRHA should become involved.

Social Media

About the Association

Established in 1994, the Arizona Rural Health Association, Inc. (AzRHA) serves as an
independent organization after serving as the Advisory Committee of the Arizona Center for Rural Health for many years. 

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Contact Us

Arizona Rural Health Association

601 Riverside Drive #7 
Parker, AZ 86344
928-256-4720 (Voice mail only)

Email: azrhassociation@gmail.com

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